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Welcome to my website ~ a showcase for my wire-sculpted art.  These pages reflect a selection of my work that I have in my inventory.  Also, I am always happy to create custom designs using my customers’ cabochons, memorabilia, etc. so please don’t hesitate to write to me via the contact box with what you have in mind for your special design!

Don’t forget to visit my  pages with Daryl Dixon (from TWD) inspired Sterling Silver Crossbow pendants, matching earrings, Angel Wings pendants.


This little pendant is packing a lot of green…Malachite that is!  I took this cabochon and surrounded it with Sterling Silver, enhancing the stone, rather than hiding it’s beauty.  Available for $110.00, a great price for any cabochon from the Ray Mine, Arizona, which still produces massive amounts of copper


Gem Silica, Malachite with Azurite Pendant

The Pendant shown in this group of photos incorporates a really unusual cabochon of Gem Silica, Malachite, with a touch of Azurite.  Wrapped in Sterling Silver to highlight the gorgeous array of colors, it is priced very reasonably at $225.00.









This Pendant incorporates a cabochon of Ruby in Fuschite set in Sterling Silver.
Available for $95.00.


Argentium Letter V Pendant 01


from $25.00

Please contact me for your custom name jewelry

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As a custom designer, I am able to create a unique piece of jewelry using my customers’ stones and/or their vision.   So, if you have a faceted stone or a cabochon that you would like set in a pendant or you want that special piece designed,  just for you, please contact me.

All of my sculptured jewelry is created using 14 Kt Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver (Tarnish Free), or Natural Copper wire. There is no glue or other medium used – just skilled craftsmanship in sculpting the wire to hold and display the stones and their natural beauty.




Cleans Jewelry Professionally

Includes: Cleaner and Lid; Transformer; Stainless Steel Basket with handle; 32oz Gem Sparkle Concentrate. $110.00 plus shipping

Wire Definitions: Gold-Filled wire has a minimum of 20% 14Kt gold with a base metal filling (usually copper).  It wears exactly like Gold and the jewelry pieces created with it will become heirlooms if they are cared for properly.  It is less expensive than Gold which is currently hovering at around $1,100 per troy oz.   Gold-filled wire should never be confused with Gold Plated or ‘Electro’ plated where the base wire is coated with a paper-thin layer of gold which will wear off easily! Sterling Silver wire is comprised of .925 silver mixed with .075 alloy. Argentium Silver wire has slightly more silver content than Sterling (.930) mixed with alloy to render it tarnish free.