Let me introduce myself
I'm Juliet Dobosz
Jewelry Wire Sculptor


Custom Wire Sculptor.

Hello, I am Juliet Dobosz and I specialize in designing and making custom wire-sculptured jewelry. When I retired a few years ago, I was looking for a hobby to keep myself occupied. My late husband, Ron Burgess and I had been avid rockhounds for the previous several years and had a back yard full of numerous rocks and minerals to prove it.  Inspired by Ron and by the need to use some of those rocks, I started delving into the world of wire-sculptured jewelry.

My hobby quickly turned into a passion – I had found my ‘groove’ and I happily created a large variety of jewelry and custom orders over the next few years.

My passion dwindled when my beloved Ron passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.  He had not only been the initial inspiration for my delving into the world of wire-sculptured jewelry but was my partner in creating and maintaining our website at www.rockroost.com. It took me over a year before,  once more,  I began to create at my workbench.  I have been blessed with my new partner in life, Hank, who is a willing participant in helping me showcase my work in various venues.  Now my passion for creating has been rekindled and, with Hank’s help, I display my work at several different shows throughout Arizona, including our local club’s show in October. I developed this website to showcase my work.  Visitors can browse through samples of standard pieces as well as some of the custom work I have done and will be able to purchase items for themselves. So please stay tuned for further developments. Thank you for visiting. Juliet Dobosz ~ Wire Sculptor Extraordinaire


Hand-made custom wire-sculptured jewelry with the option of beautiful gems.

Wire Definitions: Gold-Filled wire has a minimum of 20% 14Kt gold with a base metal filling (usually copper). It wears exactly like Gold and the jewelry pieces created with it will become heirlooms if they are cared for properly. It is less expensive than Gold which is currently hovering at around $1,288.00 per troy oz. Gold-filled wire should never be confused with Gold Plated or ‘Electro’ plated where the base wire is coated with a paper-thin layer of gold which will wear off easily! Sterling Silver wire is comprised of .925 silver mixed with .075 alloy. Argentium Silver wire has slightly more silver content than Sterling (.930) mixed with alloy to render it tarnish free.

Location: Sierra Vista, AZ.